AT A Farm

I spent a year as the Marketing Director at a farm- yes it's a real job and yes it rocked.

I was working full time in marketing with good benefits, job security, and nice coworkers, but my husband and I were ready for a change. We put our house on the market and planned to leave the state to start an Instagram-worthy homestead (who doesn't these days?) when Primal Pastures posted an opening.

I'd been following their farm and instantly knew I wanted the position. I saw opportunities to engage their current customer base, grow their influence, optimize their ecommerce and step into a new work-life balance that included fresh air and a dozen dogs. 




Within the first 2 months I broke the all time sales record, and was just getting started.

I focused on authentic growth and engagement on social media, built a sustainable email strategy, discovered and converted new target customers, built relationships with influencers, optimized product offerings and basically sold out of inventory again and again- including formerly unmovable products like pork intestines and sweetbreads (not sweet, or bread by the way).

I built and grew a loyal community, tackling tough discussions both publicly and privately, streamlined events, dabbled in packaging design, and raised the company to a new level of integrity and competition.


I’m currently a Content Marketing Manager at a fast-growing tech company in a small town, open to freelance gigs and side hustle work.


  • Content strategy and writing

  • Social media management

  • Graphic design–print and web

  • General marketing support

More experience and details highlighted on my resume.

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