Most recently I moonlighted as a chicken farmer.


...ok so I was actually the Marketing Director, but I’m pretty proud of the fact that I caught a chicken. I went after the job with an “all-in” mentality and ended up living on the farm, breaking sales records, and leading impassioned discussions about corn and soil.

Before that I did marketing in higher ed, but honestly never felt like it was a good fit. I was in it for the perks, which it turns out, isn’t what actually motivates me.

Then looking back even further I worked at an ecommerce company where I gained a ton of marketable skills. I also took a few years to work at a church (more fun than it sounds), did some freelancing, sold some keychains (less fun than it sounds) and kicked off my career with a manager who took the time to invest in me. That just about covers the last decade.

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