That Feeling Ad

Final ad design


Concordia Supply


Create a two page spread for the March/April issue of Children's Ministry magazine. Highlight Vacation Bible School kits. 




I reviewed previous ad designs and as many Children's Ministry magazines as I could get my hands on. I noticed that most ads simply showed the product and listed key features.

Since this ad would be featured on the inside cover, I wanted to take some risks. Concordia Supply has been serving churches for over 60 years, but has never really communicated a brand personality. The company is passionate about ministry, experienced in the industry, and they genuinely care about their customers. How could I not highlight that?

I positioned the company to connect with a key pain point of their customers. Vacation Bible School (VBS) is one of the most labor-intensive, exhausting, yet rewarding events for Children's Ministry pastors. When I found this photo, I immediately connected with it and knew I could apply it to VBS customers. 

I kept the design clean, punchy and to the point. The result is a memorable ad that pushed the brand to a new level.



The following ads were provided as references and played a big role in my design process. 

Christmas Concert Tickets

Tickets designed for Friends Community Church. Gold logo "Joy to your World" also designed and used in various applications. To ease volunteer sales and organization, tickets marked with a check next to date/time and table number filled in at point of sale.

Key-Bak Package

The new design allows customers to quickly identify key product features, while highlighting product uses and company differentiators. The bold red allows the company to slowly integrate the new design while maintaining brand identity in the marketplace. 


This original packaging design was applied to a complex line of products. Customers had trouble distinguishing key product features, and the company differentiators were lost in the design. Original design supplied by Key-Bak



LEFT: previous design in clamshell

RIGHT: new design in clamshell

Lifetime Warranty

The insert in the back of the package was also redesigned to highlight the warranty offered with the product and provide clear information to the customers.

This design saved 43% in printing costs. 

T-Reign Catalog

Catalog design for T-Reign products. Layout, style and image sourcing.

EcoSense Banner

Banner and flyers at the tradeshow

Tradeshow display for eco hotel supplies. Project to replace outdated banner with new products in a more targeted, eye-catching, clean design that reflects company values.

Added hierarchy, applied new design standards, clearer first impression



BEFORE: EcoSense Banner

Lacked hierarchy and first impression could be improved

BEFORE: EcoSense Flyer

Original design lacked focus and clarity; supplied by Green Suites Hotel Solutions.

AFTER: EcoSense flyer

Clarified program details, applied new design standards, added focus

Lakeside Mural

An outdoor mural, FEET x FEET for Lakeside Elementary School. Hand-painted, logo provided by school.

FCC Website

Web design for Friends Community Church using Squarespace. Includes: concept development, transfer of content, daily management and editing, image creation, copywriting, team lead, logo design.

Church Calendar



Events calendar for Friends Community Church. This one page solution was designed to replace an events book that was produced every 3 months. Project reduced cost of print resources, staff time and volunteer time significantly, and stays up to date much more easily. RESPONSIBLE FOR: Strategy, project cost analysis, template design and monthly design/input of information.

Missions Brochure

Brochure to highlight overseas missionaries supported by FCC. 


POP Display

POP Display for T-Reign Outdoor products. Concept and design for retractable key reels to hold ice fishing tools. Images sourced, edited and applied, mock-up created and product ordered.

IFF Passport

Concept, previous uses, stamps, design

International Food Festival for Friends Community Church