What's Inspiring Me: Coloring, Cattle & Cities


“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” -Pablo Picasso

This blog is a growing collection of what I find while working. You can expect print, web, type, photography and any other design that gives me a burst of energy throughout the week. These little bits of inspiration are like a bite of dark chocolate, just enough to help you push through that mid-week slump.

One Day Font

EVOKES: The presentation of this font couldn't be more perfect, with subtle yet hopeful tones and a sense of environment. I love the minimalistic look, rounded corners and line breaks limited to specific characters. 

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Highland Cattle

EVOKES: I recently discovered Scottish highland cattle and can't get enough. This guy has so much attitude and reminds me of the I-just-got-out-of-bed look that really takes an hour to do. 

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Coloring Invitation

EVOKES: I'm all for the stress-relieving adult coloring book trend, and I love the two-fold purpose of this Easter invitation. It takes some of the stress out of inviting someone to church and makes the act so much more personal and intentional. I'd pick up more than one just to color, and then use that as a challenge to invite more people. 

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